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    Do you love playing fight games to add an element of entertainment to your tough life routine? If yes, why don’t you choose the Mortal Kombat 11 fighting game? The role of Mortal Kombat 11 characters is to protect the Earthrealm by fighting with the enemies and destroying them. But the matter is to choose one character among the 37 characters of the game. It is a matter of keen interest for the user to understand the strength of each character and then proceed with the game.

    To provide a solution to this problem we’re providing the users with the most amazing tool named the Mortal Kombat 11 characters wheel. Therefore, let me introduce something about the wheel we are providing in the post for my users to completely understand why they should use it;

    Mortal Kombat XI characters wheel is a tool designed to help the users in choosing among the 37 characters of the game. The users can spin the wheel to get any of the strongest characters from the predefined options, however, the editing options are also available.

    In this post, we will make a clear understanding of using the tool as well as how the users should decide among the characters. For instance, each character has its own capabilities that make it strong. Therefore, on the basis of these features, you can spin the wheel for an unbiased answer.

    Mortal Kombat 11 Characters Wheel

    Instructional Manual to Spin the Mortal Kombat 11 Characters Wheel

    The Mortal Kombat XI fighting wheel has 37 characters divided into 25 playable characters and the other 12 are DLC (Downloadable content). Among these 12 characters, there are five guest characters from which you can choose. So let us start with how you can use the tool as a random character picker given below:

    • We have provided all 37 characters within the tool along with the editable options.
    • The editable options are just amazing to use in a sense if you want to get a precise outcome by reducing the number of characters.
    • No user is bound to utilize the editing wheel options, if you are not willing don’t go for it.
    • You will see a Play Button, tap on it, and let the MK 11 wheel spin for a while.
    • After a few seconds, a random answer with an enjoyable sound will appear on your screen.
    • It is up to you if you want to play with the same character or want to have some more spins.

    Note: We are providing a list of amazing tools for the users that help them in sorting plenty of their problems. For instance, just have a look at Heads or Tails, spin it, and get rid of the concept of 50-50.

    🔧 Wheel Customization Options for the Free MK App Characters 🔧

    Almost all wheels on our website provide customization options for providing ease to users. By using the customization options, users can add an element of fun while spinning the tools. Here the customization options help the users a lot by helping them in adding entries and reducing the predefined options. I have already mentioned that we are providing all 37 characters and you can reduce them to 10, 15, or any number.

    This will undoubtedly aid you in reaching precise and accurate decisions. There is another wheel known as the Wheel of Names that can be used as the wheel for deciding MK 11 character names. So in order to decide which of them you think is the best, you may put names in the Wheel of names and spin.

    A Brief Description of Mortal Kombat 11 Characters Gameplay

    Those who are just new to playing the fighting Mk characters game should go through with the general overview of the gameplay. Although there are many interactive games including the Twister Spinner let yourself introduce the charm of the MK XI characters.

    Punches, Kicks, and Basic Attacks

    The gameplay of each character in the Goro Mortal Kombat 11 Characters involves a variety of punches, kicks, and basic attacks. These help the users to initiate combos and deal with the damaging situation the enemies are providing.

    Powerful and unique Special Moves

    The interactive gameplay allows the users to use some special moves that are helpful to make the characters powerful.

    Fatal Blows and Character’s Health

    Using the spinning wheel to change a character is beneficial if you see that the previous one is dropping health while fighting. Besides, if you don’t have much time, use the fatal blows. This is a powerful attack that changes the tides of the game instantly.

    Character Variation and Customization

    Since the gameplay also provides the facility of character variation using the Mortal Kombat 11 characters wheel is much more beneficial. You can customize the character by understanding the special moves and actions of each character.

    Perform Brutal Finishing Moves as Fatalities

    If you see that the health of your enemy is going down and you are leading to success don’t forget to use the fatalities. These are the brutal moves performed when there needs to be some winning actions.

    An Introduction of All the 37 Characters of MK

    An Introduction of All the 37 Characters of MK

    Let us have a brief interview of all the 37 characters of the Mortal Kombat 11 to make you able to decide. Using the Mortal Kombat 11-character wheel is only suitable if a person knows how he can use the characters.

    Rambo – Freedom: Rough, aggressive, and famous character for entering and combating extremely dangerous situations.
    Rain – Position: An orphan who earned fame quickly because he is a strategic genius.
    Mileena – Identity: Meet the perfect mixture of the Tarkatan Ferocity as well as athletic grace.
    Robocop – Justice: He was a dutiful police officer but a local gang executed him brutally.
    Sheeva – Equality: She proved that her role in combat is equal and leads people to find the right place while fighting.
    Fujin – Security: The brother of Raiden who serves as the protector of Earthrealm.
    Spawn – Atonement: Fights for supremacy against all the Kombotants.
    The Joker – Chaos: A character who involves unpredictability, and violence, and is incredibly dangerous for the enemies.
    Jade – Loyalty: She was assigned to kill her best friend but due to her loyalty she refused.
    Erron Black – Thrills: Capable of fulfilling his dreams in the Outworld by making his home, the deadliest outlander.
    Kabal – Avarice: Black Dragon Enforcer who has exceptional speed.
    Kung Lao – Respect: A character who has a fame for being reckless and disobedient but brave and unbreakable.
    Sub Zero – Redemption: Capable of rebuilding the broken peace.
    Scorpion – Vengeance: Fights to avenge his family and Clan, A character who never rests until he cuts down the murderer.
    Citroen – Balanced: Famous as the Guardian of life and plays a role in upholding conflict with her aim for universal balance.
    Frost – Defiance: The most hazardous pupil of Grandmaster Sub-zero and is famous for Defiance.
    Baraka – Preservation: Fights to preserve the way of life of his tribe.
    Raiden – Security: Fights as the protector of Earthrealm and is well known as the God of Thunder.
    Shao Kahn – Dominance: Renowned as the Emperor of Outworld who sets out to claim Earthrealm but is blocked by the rules of Mortal Kombat 11 Characters.
    D’ Vorah – Survival: A character who earned fame for survival from a group of intelligent, cooperative insects with true allegiance.
    Jax Briggs – Duty: A dutiful officer from the Cyber enhanced department of special forces.
    Geras – Service: Faithfully serves the goal of Kronika to turn back time and change history.
    Kano – Greed: Plays a role as the dealer of weapons and as a leader of Dragon.
    Terminator T 800 – Termination: Indestructible character but possesses superior technology and combat skills.
    Nightwolf – Restoration: Fights to defend all of the Earthrealm, a worthy warrior, Matoka’s champion, and protector.
    Cassie Cage – Approval: Fights to uphold their legacy by protecting the Earthrealm.
    Kotal Kahn – Order: A character to keep order, warrior, and emperor of Outworld.
    Skarlet – Acceptance: Well known as the deadliest and most faithful creation as well as a royal bodyguard and bloody mage.
    Sonya Blade – Vigilance: Protected Erathrealm, an officer of the Special Forces, and rescued his partner Jax Briggs.
    Shang Tsung – Influence: Soul magician and former Mortal Kombat host.
    Johnny Cage – Vanity: Fights bravely against all the obstacles to save the Earthrealm.
    Noob Saibot – Recognition: Shadow of the Netherrealm
    Kollector – Rank: A character who is born in poverty but rewards himself with wealth by stealing the riches.
    Kitana – Identity: Renowned as the princess of the Outworld.
    Jacqui Briggs – Protection: Daughter of Jacqui Briggs who joined special forces.
    Liu Kang – Responsibility: Orphan Adopted but had special training in the art of Kombat.
    Sindel – Privilege: Former Queen who enjoys power and wealth beyond people’s imagination.

    Note: Like all other wheels including the Lucky Wheel, we don’t require any login details as well as payment. It means users can spin the wheel free of cost.

    Final Words

    In short, we have introduced all the Mortal Kombat 11 Characters to make it easier for the users to choose. Now they can customize the wheel by making their own preferences and enjoy the game as they want. Besides, don’t forget to spin our amazing Choice Wheel. It will help you in making the choice of characters for an unbiased answer.

    🙄 Essential Questions about the Mortal Kombat 11 Wheel 🙄

    How many characters are there in Mortal Kombat XI?

    There are about 37 total characters in the Mortal Kombat XI. Among them 25 are playable but the remaining 12 are DLC.

    What is the purpose of spinning the Mortal Kombat wheel?

    After spinning the Mortal Kombat wheel, you can easily decide on any character to play. It will lead you in fighting against the enemies in the game.

    Can I spin the wheel again for the unbiased Mortal character?

    If you don’t like the character you get after the first spin we provide the users with the facility of spinning multiple times for an unbiased answer.

    Who are considered the best fighters in Mortal Kombat 11?

    You can find 10 characters who rank as the best fighters in the game like 11 Scorpio, 10 Robocop, 8 Kano, 7 Geras, 6 Kabal, 5 Liu Kang, 4 The Joker, and others.

    Will I find the wheel interactive to find a random Mortal Kombat character?

    Our wheel contains such unique things in coloring along with all the characters that the user will surely find it interactive to find a random fight.

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