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    Having an interest in a lot of things may confuse a person about what to choose. Being a book reader, I have an interest in a lot of categories of different topics like fictional novels. To avoid such confusion, using a random topic picker tool is beneficial for individuals. In the same way, other users are also stuck in some issues and to avoid them we provide the topic wheel. By using the wheel, it helps individuals to decide instantly what they should choose among random topics.

    The topic wheel contains 10 to 16 random topics which are named as the predefined options. Before spinning the wheel, users can use the customization options to make the topics as they desire in the wheel. 

    In this post, we will provide the users with the spinning manual guide to understanding the steps. Besides, the customization options are an essential part of the tool like our latest Big Six Wheel. Therefore, tune into the wheel to find out a random topic from the wheel.

    Topic Wheel

    Spinning Procedure Manual Guide for the Topic Wheel

    The topic wheel contains random predefined options within the wheel which the users can check before spinning. After using the customization options, it is quite easy to spin the wheel and get random answers.

    • After using the wheel customization wheel, wait for a while to get the random answer on the screen.
    • The wheel is time flexible, users don’t need to wait for a long time to get an answer. 
    • Multiple spins are allowed by the users to ensure the randomness of the wheel. Besides, it also helps to get a more accurate and precise answer.
    • Share the wheel with other users, your friends, and family by simply copying the URL.
    • There are no registration details required by the users to make the spins over the wheel. They are using the free topic wheel to get instant answers for any random outcome.

    Wheel Customization Options for the Topic Generator 

    Since the random picker topic generator needs some customizations to make the wheel attractive. We introduce our users to these options to let them understand how they can make them according to their desires. An individual who wants to alter the topics can simply hover the cursor over the options and click to edit. By editing, they will be able to change the options and can make the wheel as they want.

    By using the color options, a side blank that the users will see along with the options. This side blank contains the color spectrum by which the users can opt for any color for their wheel. By using the hide-and-show options they can create a level of excitement for any other person with whom they are going to choose any random topic.

    Perks and Benefits of using the Wheel of Topics in daily life

    Introducing the factor of randomness for different topics like writing, reading, traveling, and many more can boost someone’s mood instantly. People in this era, mainly perform work with the help of machinery to take as much comfort to their life as they can. But it becomes too boring to have a routine of such things. Topics can provide the benefits of introducing something new in your life. Indeed, there will be a good edge perks and benefits for using a topic wheel given below;

    Potential Mental Simulation

    If a person wants to get breaks from the metal ruts by stepping out you a usual routine and engaging with random topics. It helps individuals too challenge their brains and prevent mental stagnation by exposing new ideas and perspectives. It is the best chance for a person to boost his creativity level by spinning the topic wheel and improving cognitive flexibility.

    Personal Growth and Learning

    The individuals who want to increase their personal growth and learning will take the benefit of sparking curiosity and exploration from the wheel. For instance, if a person’s hobby is to read books but he doesn’t have the idea of categories. He can introduce new categories in the form of diverse topics in the wheel and then spin for random answers. It will help him to explore a new world and get the power of encountering unexpected topics.

    Build your Social and Communication Skills

    Spinning the wheel of topics will introduce new topics that can improve your conversation starter. Those who hesitate to meet new people and are weak in building social relationships will get ultimate help from the wheel.

    People with different hobbies can make the categories/topics of their hobby within the wheel and then spin. It will help them to reduce decision fatigue and make random decisions as soon as possible.

    Finalizing it off!

    The topic wheel is a generalization of different topics together within a wheel to add fun and spontaneity to daily life. Just like the Icebreaker wheel, it helps to break up the monotony of routine and inject a bit of fun and excitement. Therefore, spin the wheel and cultivate your mind’s growth through continuous learning and personal development.

    Significant FAQs for the Random Topic Generator Tool

    How many predefined options can I get in the wheel of random topics?

    The wheel of random topics may contain about 10 to 16 entries in the form of predefined options. Users may edit the wheel to enhance the entries within the wheel.

    How may I add any new entry to the wheel?

    By clicking over the + sign that the users will see on the right of the wheel will assist them to add any new entry in the topic generator.

    What customizations will be available in the wheel to make it more attractive than before?

    The use of background color options, hiding outcomes, or showing them can help individuals make the wheel more attractive than before.

    Is there any need to provide any details for the spinning wheel?

    Since there is no cost to spin the wheel yet, we don’t require any details for registration or sign-up by the users for multiple spins.

    How may I get the random answer on the screen?

    To get the random answer, you have to make multiple spins. These spins will let the individuals check that the algorithm of the wheel is based on randomness.

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