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    Have you ever felt helpless in punishing someone? No, you shouldn’t be concerned because it’s a typical occurrence. Sometimes your loved one gives you pain in little things and you also want to give them a little punishment. For instance, when kids don’t listen to their parents, they do something wrong, and parents want something for them to give a lesson. In such cases, you don’t need to put your hours into deciding what you should do. Just spin the punishment wheel, decide randomly about the punishments, and save your time.

    The punishment wheel contains some predefined options, these options are just provided as pre-entries. Users can change these options according to their circumstances and get the solution to their problems instantly. There are 19 options to whom the users can edit as they want along with the amazing customization options.

    In this tool, we are providing our users with the best customization options which they can utilize as they want. Besides, the manual steps help users how they can spin the wheel and generate answers. The wheel’s algorithm is based on randomness, which means, each time there will be a random answer on your screen.

     Punishment Wheel

    Manual Spinning Procedure for the Punishment Wheel 

    The manual spinning procedure provided in the tool is to help all users to provide complete ease. No matter if you are spinning for the very first time or have spun the wheel repeatedly, each time you will get full entertainment as the Wheel of Doom.

    • Once the user gets into the wheel, he will get the predefined options within the wheel.
    • These options are random and there is no sequence. Therefore, users can make the wheel according to their desire before making a spin.
    • Different customization options will help the users to make the wheel as they want.
    • There are no hurdles and restrictions for users to make multiple spins and hence they can spin the wheel as many times as they want.
    • Users will not have to provide their email details, registration number, or anything else. This means the punishment wheel is completely free to use.
    • The tool is time-flexible, decision-maker, problem-solver, and based on randomness.
    • Sharing the URL with other wheel users is allowed by copying it.
    • The wheel is not available for offline use, therefore, each user should ensure that there is a reliable internet connection. 

    Wheel Customization Options for the Punishment Tool Generator

    We consider it to be the right of users to get advanced customizations and that’s why our tool is different from others. Although other wheels provide adding or deleting options the unique things that users get in this wheel would be the color customizations.  For each entry, there is a small square box having a color spectrum of multiple colors in it. It seems that people who are color-conscious have the solution to their problems instantly.

    By using this spectrum, one can easily make the wheel color as they want. Besides, the wheel contains adding new entries and deleting the older ones. Now the question arises how one can delete any entry within the wheel? By hovering the cursor on the screen, the backing space will help you to remove the predefined option. Or simply by selecting the option press the delete button on your keyboard and then the option will be deleted. So isn’t it amazing to use?

    Besides, we also provide users with hide and show options. This can be beneficial in a way if you are using the wheel with more than one person. It will add an element of curiosity for the second person that the random outcome is providing on the screen. Along with the Punishment wheel, I will suggest users stay free from stress and spin the Rainbow Wheel.

    Finalizing it off!

    Lastly, users who are addicted to spinning the wheel will know about its need. Maybe there are not so many positive impacts of using the punishment wheel but it will save your time and mental health. We are not providing the wheel to spread negativity among people and give punishments for no use. This is a wheel for entertainment, for those who want to give a lesson to their loved ones. Therefore spin it and tune it to some other wheels like Pokemon Wheel.

    Significant Queries to Know about the Punishment Wheel

    How many predefined options are there in the wheel of punishment?

    Users will get 19 predefined options within the punishment generator wheel which can be edited easily as the user wants.

    What are the benefits of using different customization options within the wheel?

    By using the customization options, users can get multiple advantages especially to make the wheel as they desire.

    How may I add new punishment to the wheel?

    If you want to add a new punishment to the wheel, you just have to hover over the entry that you find undesirable in the wheel. Delete this entry and enter what you want as the new entry.

    What are the necessary registration details to provide for the wheel to spin repeatedly?

    There are no essential details required by the individuals for the wheel to spin repeatedly. The wheel is free to spin and the users can spin it as many times as they want.

    How can the wheel of punishment help me in decision-making?

    Since the wheel is based on punishments it will help you to get random punishments based on randomness without wasting any time.

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