How to make a Spinning Wheel Game | DIY & Online Spinning Game

The thing that attracted my attention to the spinning wheel game was to empower my decision-making skills. Whether you are making a spinning wheel or a spinning wheel game both have the fundamentals to make a perfect decision. What I explored while making my spinning wheel was the common question: how may I create my spinning wheel as I am not a developer? In the same way, you might have this question: how to make a spinning wheel game? You must be aware that there are two different kinds of wheel-spinning games to respond to this query. And you need to find two ways of making these spinning wheel games.

How to make a spinning wheel game is not a complex question but it leads to two ways as well as two spinning wheels. These wheels include the DIY spinning game and the online spinning game.

In this post, I will make it clear what are the basic ways of creating a spinning wheel game as well as their benefits. Besides, the readers will get guidance to think which spinning wheel game has more pros to create as compared to others.

How to make a Spinning Wheel Game

How to Make a Spinning Wheel Game – Explore the possibilities

To make a spinning wheel game, there are two ways to explore for individuals. In these ways, one is to make the DIY spinning wheel game and the other is the online spinning wheel game.

Creating a DIY Spinning Wheel Game

To create a DIY spinning wheel game there needs certain materials. These materials include circular boards, markers or sections, rotating platforms, pointers, stands, base and frame, decorative elements, and other tools. There are basic steps involved in creating the DIY spinning wheel game but makes it so attractive that viewers just love it to spin.

  • Design your wheel by planning its layout. Decide the number of sections and cut the circular board.
  • Now make the sections of this circle equally and then mark them with pencil. Decorate each section with different designs.
  • Attach a rotating hardware with the cardboard to spin the wheel smoothly. Craft a pointer on the center and build a stand.
  • Now use screws to attach the stand and wheel. Stabilize the structure perfectly to get smooth spinning from it. Test the rotation and give a final touch to the elements by double-checking.
  • A user can enhance the aesthetics of the interface by making more decorative elements. Enjoy the spinning wheel game and invite your friends and family.

Note: I have also provided the simple ways of making a spinning wheel, explore it right now and get what you want.

Creating an Online Spinning Wheel Game

The task of creating an online wheel involves a proper code but using the edit options it is possible to create a wheel as you want. Therefore, if you think that you are not a developer and you need to make the spinning wheel game online click on our wheel of names.

  • Click on the edit button options and add what you want in it.
  • You can delete the predefined options in it.
  • The extensive customization options are sufficient to alter the wheel’s color.
  • Users can spin the wheel multiple times and check the randomness of the wheel.
  • Sharing the wheel is possible by copying the URL. Invite your friends and family to spin the wheel.

PROS and CONS of a DIY Spinning Wheel Game


  • Customizations are available according to the preferences.
  • Provides a hands-on and creative experience
  • DIY wheel games are versatile and can be used on different vacations.
  • There is a sentimental value in the DIY spinning wheel game as it has physical efforts to create it.
  • Making a homemade spinning game is quite entertaining.


  • There are a lot of materials required to make a DIY wheel. Therefore, it is a time-consuming project.
  • Depending on the crafting skills and complexities, individuals who don’t have skills will find it a great challenge.
  • A DIY spinning game offers limited features.
  • Difficult to get a perfect balance and equal probability in the spinning wheel game.
  • Less durable if it is not built perfectly.

PROS and CONS of  Using an Online Spinning Wheel Game


  • Online Spinning wheel games are easily accessible from any device at any time.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface with less effort to understand and use.
  • There are instant random results available on the screen based on randomness.
  • Advanced customization options like personalized themes, and color options make the wheel attractive to use.
  • Helps in social interaction due to the multiplayer options available on the wheel.


  • For usage, there needs to be a reliable internet connection.
  • It offers an interface that is easy to use and comprehend, requiring less cognitive strain.
  • There may be potential technical issues while using the wheel.
  • Online spinning wheel games may collect users’ data which leads to privacy concerns.
  • Customization options can only be used as the developer has allowed.

Types of Spinning Wheel Games in Daily Life

The Spinning wheel games are helpful in daily life in school, meetings, parties, events, and other areas. For instance, teachers can use the spinning wheels like the Alphabet wheel for students. Among parties and events spinning wheel games play a great role for entertainment purposes. For meetings, the boss can use the meeting agenda wheel, Icebreaker Wheel, and many others.

Final Words

In other words, making a spinning wheel game is not a tough task. Users will have fun creating the spinning wheels game for both DIY and online games. However, it depends on the interests and skills of a person and which method he is going to use.

What People ask about making the Spinning Wheel Games

Where can I use the spinning wheel game?

There are a lot of areas where you can use the spinning wheel games like schools, workplaces, events, occasions, and parties.

Why should one use the spinning wheel?

Using a spinning wheel is the best one for individuals who are indecisive and want to empower their decision-making skills.

Which Spinning wheel games are the best for indecisive people?

The indecisive individuals will get a lot of wheels to empower them like the Yes No wheel, What to eat, what to drink, and many others.

Which wheel is easy to make for a beginner?

The simple paper plate spinning wheel is the easiest one for beginners as it doesn’t require any complexities to make the wheel.

Do I need any budget for making a spinning wheel?

Whether you are thinking of making a DIY spinning wheel or an online spinning wheel both require a significant amount of budget.

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