How to make a Spinning Wheel | Explore the Four Best Ways

Making decisions in a lot of daily life was the most difficult thing I faced. While going to a meeting, opening the wardrobe, making a selection needs a decision… In the same way, choosing my favorite restaurants to have fun with friends again requires good decision power. Alas, making random decisions doesn’t wish me the best of luck, therefore, I decided to make a spinning wheel. How to make a spinning wheel will be the question that will surround like a clock’s tick. Let’s look at the information I will present below to tackle the following query:

The solution to the problem of how to make a spinning wheel lies in the 4 simple but easy ways. Among these 4 ways, users make four different types of spinning wheels depending on their skills.

In this post, I will help users by providing the easiest ways to make the spinning wheel along with the materials. However, I would also direct them to spin the percentage wheel which helps find the solution to many problems.

How to make a Spinning Wheel

How to make a Spinning Wheel – The Four Spinning Wheels

In the hidden answer of making a spinning wheel, there are four spinning wheels given below;

  • Cardboard Spinning Wheel
  • Paper Plate Spinning Wheel
  • Wooden Spinning Wheel
  • Digital (Online) Spinning Wheel

Let us proceed with how to make these wheels and what the required materials are in spinning these wheels.

Way to make the Cardboard Spinning Wheel

Take cardboard and use a ruler to make sections of the cardboard like a pie. Use colors and patterns to decorate each section. Separate the circle by cutting it and create an arrow out of another piece of cardboard. Attach this arrow to the center of the circle by using a paper fastened and play with it.

Create a Paper Plate Spinning Wheel

The simple method of making a paper plate is to take two paper plates and make a hole in the center of each plate. Now insert the pin through the holes and fasten it to a string. Hold one plate steady and enjoy spinning the other plate with your hand.

Way leading to Wooden Spinning Wheel

You need a saw to cut a large circle from the wooden board. To make the edges smooth use sandpaper. Now take a compass and make concentric circles over it. Divide each circle into sections and decorate them with colors. Drill a small opening in the middle, then fasten a pencil to it so that it may spin.

Making an Online Digital Spinning Wheel

This is the tool where you need a laptop or computer and a graphic design generator. Use the graphic design software to create a digital wheel or online wheel generator. Now customize the colors, sections, and labels in the wheel. Display the wheel on your screen. To spin the wheel randomly search your wheel in the Google search bar. Pick up the one that suits you and edit this wheel. It will help you to gain random outcomes on your screen like the Random Picker.

DIY Spinning Wheel Vs Online Digital Spinning Wheel

DIY Spinning WheelOnline Spinning Wheel
Needs more EffortsLess Physical Effort
The user cannot edit this wheelThis wheel can be editable
No need for an internetNeeds Internet for spinning
Cost is required for buying materials to make the wheelNo need for any payment or cost for spinning

Final Words

There are not so complex ways of making a spinning wheel. However, people find the answer to this question quite complex: how to make a spinning wheel. You only need your skills to make a wheel and just go for it.

What People Ask about a Spinning Wheel

What are the benefits of making a spinning wheel?

A spinning wheel helps make decisions and save the time of individuals who are stuck in different problems.

What pros can I get by making a DIY Spinning Wheel?

By making a DIY spinning wheel you can involve yourself in a physical activity and have more fun with colors and other materials.

Which is the best wheel for kids?

The cardboard spinning wheel is the best and easiest wheel to make for the kids. It requires common materials to use for making the wheel.

Can I use magnets for spinning a wheel?

By placing the magnets in circles, the magnetic fields created by these wheels will help you in spinning the wheel.

What are the materials required to make my wheel at home?

To make your wheel take a bike wheel frame, drill, spoke wrench, glue, long nut, bolt, magic marker, and poster board.

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